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What is New World Philosophy about?

It offers the finest wisdom for humanity in one place

Planet Earth is in a big mess. Our time is running out. We can survive only by developing away from the present state of existence. Luckily, in recent decades human sciences have produced a fascinating quantity of knowledge on human development and living a good life. Until now, this knowledge has been scattered across thousands of books and articles. Finally, it is available in one place, in one book.

It gives clear developmental directionality

Our mental world is in turmoil. In the labyrinth of clashing ideas, ideologies, and religions, we finally have new, clear directionality – consciousness development and a good life for all. For this we need to be ever more free, empowered, loving and responsible.

It is science based

It offers science-based knowledge, so it is not about believing but understanding and knowing. That's why everybody can consent to it and accept it.

It has the power to transform people

The total mess caused by human insanity, lasting for thousands of years, has caused a great deal of trauma, suffering and many premature deaths. Old spiritual and religious traditions cast light throughout this period. Now major transformation is needed and NWP provides us with the required knowledge. Change can result from just reading the book.

It explains the art of well-being

Very few people function optimally and know how to live well. The cost of this is huge. Thousands of scientists have been researching well-being for many years. Their knowledge has been merged with human development knowledge and is available to every individual and to political leaders.

It is about individuals, cultures, societies and all humanity

Thriving and developing in a dysfunctional environment is almost impossible. That's why NWP conveys the knowledge of individual, cultural, societal and universal levels, since they influence each other.

It gives no false promises and it wishes to be transparent

In the existing mental chaos, numerous snake oil vendors sell unrealistic expectations and mislead people. In the deteriorating circumstances we need to be focused on mental hygiene, truth and transparency while staying optimistic.

It does not want to be commercialized, but accessible

Ideas and knowledge can sell well. Some individuals would charge many thousands of dollars to deliver the knowledge contained in the NWP. I think that this knowledge should be available to everyone at an easily affordable price, if not free of charge. At the moment, the system of collecting and spreading this knowledge creates costs, which need to be covered by selling books and by other commercial activities.

It is full of optimism

In the eyes of most people today the future is dystopic. However, there is hope and optimism, but only if we decide for it, prepare for it and apply the change in our lives. And we need to do it on the massive scale. That's why NWP needs you too.

It is exciting to understand it at ever new levels

New World Philosophy is a meta theory explaining a human development model and a human development process. It can be used to make this world a better place by improving ourselves and living better. Understanding it well is a life-long challenge, but a very exciting one.

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The book New word philosophy -

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David Cigoj the author of the book New word philosophy -

About the Author

David Cigoj

David Cigoj was born at the crossroads of Europe, between Italy and Eastern Europe, between the Balkans and the Germanic world. He worked for almost twenty years in an intensive cross-cultural environment. Trying to figure out the characteristics of various cultures has been his main ancillary activity since his mid teenage years.

Ph.D. student of sociology

4 years in international trade

3 years in journalism

19 years following financial markets and investing

19 years guiding tours across the world


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