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NEW WORLD PHILOSOPHY has the power to change the quality of the life of individuals, the functioning of companies and states, and possibly even save the world. The world can change by changing individuals. A lot of work will be needed to convey it to most political and other leaders, let alone communicate it to the rest of the population! For this reason, David Cigoj can be hired as a lecturer, mentor, consultant or to speak at your event. Every appearance needs to be agreed upon individually to best meet your needs. 

Overview of the New World Philosophy

NWP is quite comprehensive. There are individual, cultural, societal, and universal aspects to it. There is a historical perspective of human development.

Enabling human development

Einstein said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. In the West, we only realized that adults can develop as dynamically as children 50 years ago.

How individuals and societies evolve

Developmental psychologists have worked very hard to describe psychological developmental stages from various perspectives.

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