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The best scientific findings and theories match. That's why they can be easily composed, like the pieces of puzzle, into a meta theory. Once put together, they form a big picture of human development. 

The purpose of the New World Philosophy book is not to provide all the scientific proofs and explanations, but to present the big picture of human development to as many people as possible. 

Special gratitude goes to the inspired authors of some of the most important findings, theories and other knowledge:

Dr. Susan Cook Greuter, the author of the Ego Development Chapter

Dr. Don Edward Beck, who allowed a presentation and extensive summary of Spiral Dynamics, which he developed in cooperation with Dr. Christopher Cowan on a basis initiated by Dr. Clare W. Graves. Sadly, Dr. Beck passed away just few weeks before this book was published.

Dr. Edward Deci and Dr. Richard Ryan, who developed Self Determination Theory (SDT)

Dr. Geert Hofstede, the author of the framework for measuring cultural dimensions

Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey Laskow, the authors of the book Immunity to Change

Dr. Jeffrey A. Kottler, the author of the book Change

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, the author of the book Nonviolent Communication and the founder of The Center for Nonviolent Communication 

Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman and Dr. Christopher Peterson, the authors of the book Character Strengths and Virtues

Dr. Steve Taylor, the author of the book The Fall

Dr. Cristian Welzel, the author of the book Freedom Rising

...and many others.

You can study the work of these authors individually. In addition to the books mentioned here, most of them are authors of other interesting works. Lectures and interviews by some of them can be found on the web.


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