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New World Philosophy is an open source philosophy presented in one book. The "open source" concept here is not the same as in the world of computer programming. the basic rules are:

  • The purpose of the open-source concept is perpetual optimization of the NWP and its adaptation to various target groups.  
  • Anyone can suggest or submit new, competent knowledge to it.
  • Anyone can suggest or submit clearer conceptualizations or better wording.
  • Anyone can suggest or submit further adaptations for different target groups.
  • Your proposal will be considered seriously, but its inclusion in the New World Philosophy (text) is not guaranteed. 
  • The authors of submitted contents cannot be guaranteed compensation of any kind. 
  • The authors of the original texts will be listed in the Sources.
  • The New World Philosophy Foundation can market and distribute NWP and QuantumTribe products. 
  • All the income is invested in the further expansion of NWP.

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