The Author

David Cigoj was born at the crossroads of Europe, between Italy and Eastern Europe, between the Balkans and the Germanic world. He worked for almost twenty years in an intensive cross-cultural environment. Trying to figure out the characteristics of various cultures has been his main ancillary activity since his mid teenage years. 

In 2000 his article on Italian mentality was published in the biggest Slovenian newspaper. In 2002 a similar article on German mentality was published in the same newspaper. 

One day in 2011 he experienced what we call a revelation. He suddenly understood everything about individual and societal development. After some time he, modestly, recognized that his understanding was too vague. 

So, despite being already in his mid-forties, he decided to enrol in Ph.D. studies in sociology. He wanted to understand how people evolve from individual to universal level. The fascination of this topic drew in him completely. Seeing huge potential in the existing knowledge, he left his job and focused entirely on his studies and soon afterwards also on writing this book. He stood on the shoulders of the giants and added a new level to their work, which will astound the reader. The truth is that the knowledge of how we evolve is what we need the most, but what we know the least. This is the reason why he established the foundation with the purpose expanding the knowledge on human development and well-being. 

David Cigoj is available for public speaking, mentoring and consulting.

4 years in international trade
3 years in journalism
19 years following financial markets and investing
19 years guiding tours across the world
Ph.D. student of sociology


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