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Have you ever imagined yourself being a member of a tribe? The idea is exciting, isn't it?

Members of QuantumTribe act in accordance with the following commitments: 

  • We evolve, become ever better versions of ourselves, we try to awaken our latent potential to, be creative virtuous characters. 
  • We try to make a small contribution to make this world more just, beautiful, good and interesting. 
  • We try to be pillars of democracy, equality, freedom, empowerment, love and responsibility. We support the people around us. 
  • We try to live according to the new paradigm and build a better future. 
  • We have fun.
  • We try to avoid consumerism, materialism and to live as sustainably as possible, caring for the planet. 
  • We try to avoid illusions, conspiracies, defiant mind-sets and evil.
  • At the same time, we know we are just people, trying our best. We accept our and other people weaknesses and failures with understanding. We also know our limits.
  • We use the best knowledge on human development and well-being humanity has produced. 
  • We do not have any ideology or follow any guru. We familiarize ourselves with the necessary knowledge from New World Philosophy or other reliable sources.
  • It is not modest to say this, but we are obviously interesting people and having a lot to exchange in discuss. 

Being members of QuantumTribe we keep membership in our hearts. 



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